Treasure hunt: Bonus 1
Part of the GeoTour "Ge(o)heimnisse der Region Hannover"

You can reach this cache at any time.
Find the following caches first:
1. Erleuchtung
2. Sesam öffne Dich
3. Oho!
4. Diorama
5. Papier ist geduldig
Write down the bonus words. The red letter needs to be translated into a number via cell phone keys. This will give you 5 numbers. Call +49 (0) 511-99978803 and enter the 5 digits in the order listed above. Sorry, my phone friend only speaks German. But you could ask one of the locals for help to write down the coordinates he gives you.
Go ahead and travel to the right location for the bonus cache. But don't go alone. This cannot be done alone. You need a little patience and skill!
Many thanks to Bierspucker for helping with the implementation!
Have fun


Viel Spaß
Euer aha - Team